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Hotrods and classics by their very nature draw crowds wherever they go or are parked.  Old timers remember when they were young and Hotrods were something only rebels made and drove.  Classic cars were the Packard's, Cadillac's and Duce burgs.  Now hotrods and classic cars are accepted by young and old and there is no 'rebel' stigma attached to the hobby anymore.

Hotrods, Streetrods, Customs and Classics all garnish their respective following of the faithful.  Rod events are now huge attractions bringing hotrods, classics, customs and street rod people together in a huge melting pot of car enthusiasts.  Hotrodding is now world wide with car clubs in all the major cities of the world and all striving to accomplish the same thing .. build a great cruiser, take pride in your ride and above all... have fun.